Green Project

Being a responsible and ethical trekking agency, we feel the need of initiative for environmental protection has amplified to greater extent due to rapid insane act of some crazy people around the world. The alarming issues of global warming is growing hotter day-by-day. Countering to such unwise act, we, though it may sound pretty insignificant, have cultured the practice of fair environmental protection act. Our initiative is basically destined to minimize the possible damage to environment and it also stands as our core policy.
With the same concentration, our packages are made environment friendly. We are habitual to manage all the fritter of our travel activities in a proper and lucid way. We strictly offend the act of throwing squanders insanely hither and thither. Moreover, we are also involved in various cleaning and plantation campaign. Last year, we were the members of Tribhuvan International Airport Cleaning program. Plantation program in Koteshwor, UN Park, Lovely Hill (Pokhara) was supported by our staff members. Besides these, we have been involved in various programs to raise the issue of environmental protection.
As we all know that earth is common place for all to live in. So, Blaze mountain adventure, through this page, would like to request all our clients, members, trade partners and concerned people to get involved in such act of environmental protection.