Biking in Nepal

The prospect for mountain biking in Nepal is so abundant that it won’t be erroneous to tag it as the “Mecca for Mountain Biking”. Earlier, Nepal was only celebrated as the place to embark for trekking and climbing. However, the myriad off-the-beaten trails and rough terrain lands has boosted a new sensation among the Nepalese and foreigners i.e. mountain biking. The off-beaten tracks, as if destined for biking, exhibit tremendous biking possibilities where you can paddle utterly to quench your adrenaline thirst. It is also a terrific approach to embark on elation of independent travel and explore the exotic places with rich unspoiled natural and cultural opulence.

The natural beauty, rugged terrain, and mystic formations fused by highlands will be welcoming the mountain bikers. The experience of biking in the foothills of gigantic mountains and some of the deep canyons will undoubtedly gratify your soul. Biking along the fascinating mountain villages, nomadic lands, high passes, winding rivers, rice fields, temples and monasteries with majestic panorama of great Himalayan ranges on the backdrop will sorely leave you with a pleasing impression and appreciation for outdoor adventure. The sum of thrill however largely depends on the complication of trails. Either to be thrilled or to have a pleasing ride it’s all on you as you can have plenty of choices for approaching the trails.

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