During the early years of 1950’s, when Nepal was officially opened for tourists and travelers around the world, the chronicles of natural and cultural ambiance of Nepal was unheard and blurred for the lack of efficient promotion , passable domestic homework and international reach. Today, nearly after six decades of glorious run, Nepal has bloomed and is admired as an exotic adventure and vacation destination for all arrays of travelers, expeditioners, and holiday makers from around the world; thanks to all the support from travel trade partners, travel agencies, guests, well-wishers, and the policy makers. Personally, I feel that we still have far-reaching journey to set out to make it more approachable and pleasurable citing to the verity that still most of the nascent places are not caught in the eyes of visitors. The small geographical spread of Nepal boasts tremendous blend of natural and cultural ambiance which has been root to lure tourists of all kind. This has made the order of travel and trips luxuriantly classified ranging from exclusive luxury travel to hygienic eco-friendly trips.

With extensive varieties of tour, trekking, and climbing packages, we are determined to assist our every guest to experience and explore the mystical luxury of natural and cultural vibes in Nepal with fragrance of premium quality and service deeply rooted. With the deliberation of providing you with inclusive travelling options we operate full range of tourism stuffs including rock climbing, peak climbing, tours, rafting, biking, trekking, mountain flights, and many more. Believe us, the majestic Himalayan ranges, splendid hilly mid lands, National Parks, world cultural and heritage sites, aquamarine lakes, wildlife, rumbling rivers and hospitable people of Nepal will amazingly delight your visit. Our service also extends beyond the limit of Nepal ranging to India, Bhutan, and Tibet.

The packages and itineraries we offer are basically destined to take you through some of the best, exotic and frequented destinations which boast tremendous touring and exploration prospects. Besides, Blaze mountain adventures are also heartily open to manage specialized, personalized, and customized packages that serve best to your requirements. So, decide the package, have a meticulous chat with us and embark to get revived with the spiritual natural and cultural ambiance of this wonderland.

I wish you all a pleasing and memorable journey ahead.

With best regards,

Dhiraj Paudel (aanjan)