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The geographical settlement of Nepal boasts plenty of majestic snow giants; some of them tagged as among the tallest in the world. This very fact has exerted immense pull on mountaineering enthusiasts from around the world. But, not all of them are able to ascend and feel the real taste of mountain adventure on the lap of these eternally snow-capped peaks due to time and fitness constraints. If that is the case, you need not fret. There are mountain flights which are basically ordained to stimulate the sheer glimpse of mountaineering experience. The unbeatable majesty and grandeur of Nepalese peaks are now made reachable for everyone with these premium mountain flight packages. Mountain flights in Nepal are operated by domestic airlines and are geared from Kathmandu. Particularly, the mountain flight is destined to explore the ultimate high altitude view of mighty Mt. Everest, the tallest of all.
As we take off from Kathmandu, the first treat of the flight appears as Gosaithan, also famed as Shisha Pangma, standing at the majestic elevation of 8013 meters. Then follows the seemingly endless chain of snow-capped peaks with Dorje Lakpa (6966 m) being the one at the next door. The outlook of Dorje Lakpa, as seen from your window, somewhat resembles to vivid number 8 roofed with snow. As we move ahead with string of peaks left behind and below, the much astonishing view of mountains comes closer and clear. The next on the insight is Choba-Bhamare (5933 m), the nominal one on the bunch. Despite its low standing, it holds the regard for never being ascended. The majestic in terms of view and spirituality, the Mt. Gauri-Shankar (7134 m) appears next from your seat. On further gearing to the eastern ambiance Melungtse, a plateau like mountain arrives on the scene elongating to the elevation of 7023 meters. Others to follow Melungtse are Chugimago at 6297m, a virgin peak, Numbur at 6956m, Karyolung at 6511m and stunningly gorgeous Mt. Cho Oyu at the elevation of 8201m. Besides these, the other stuff to please your eyes includes Gyanchunkang (7952 m), Pumari (7161 m) and Nuptse (7855 m). After half an hour of your wait, the majestic and dashing panorama of mighty Everest rewards your eyesight.
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