Nepal Festivals And Holidays

Nepal Festivals And Holidays

With unique diversity in culture and tradition, Nepal is a country where more than 50 festivals are joyously celebrated in a year. The dates of national festivals and holidays are fixed, but dates of religious festivals are set by astrologers following the lunar calendar. Basically, Most of the Nepali religious festivals relate to Hindu and Buddhist gods and are celebrated on sanctified days. Christian and Muslim festivals are also celebrated with equal joy and enthusiasm.

Some of the major Festival of Nepal in chronological order:

1, Maghe Sakranti  ( Makar  Sakranti ) Festival  (January)
2, Basanta Panchami (Saraswoti  Puja)Festival  (February)
3, Lhosar (Tibetan New Year) Festival (February)
4, Shivaratri (Maha Shivaratri) Festival (March)
5, Phagu Purnima (Holi) Festival (March)
6, Ghode Jatra Festival (March)
7, New Year (Nayavarsha) Festival (April)
8, Bisket jatra Festival (April)
9, Ram Nawami(Chaite Dashain) Festival  (April)
10, Mata Tirtha Aaunsi (mother’s Day) Festival (May)
11, Buddha Jayanti Festival (May)
12, Teechi (Teji) Festival (May)
13, Rato machhendranath Jatra Festival (June)
14, Nag Panchami Festival (August)
15, Gaura Parba Festival (August)
15, Janai purnima (Rakshya Bandhan) Festival (August)
16, Gai Jatra Festival (August)
17, Krishn janma astami Festival (August)

18, Gokarna Aunsi (Fathers Day) Festival (September)
19, Teej Festival (September)
20, Indra Jatra Festival (September)
21, Dashain Festival (Bijaya Dashami) (October)
22, Tihar Festival (Dipawali) (November)
23, Chhath parva Festival (November)
24, Mani Rimdu Festival (November)
25, Bala Chaturdasi Festival (November)
26, Bibaha Panchami Festival (December)
27, Tamu Lhosar Festival (December)
28, Christmas Festival (December)

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