Restricted Area Trekking

Restricted Area Trekking

A very special experience awaits you in the restricted area trekking in Nepal. Restricted areas are seldom visit by foreigners and are ornament with striking cultural and natural wonders. So, Restricted area trekking endows you with the chance to understand Himalayan Mountains and local cultures. You are require to have special restricted area trekking permit to venture into these trekking areas. Also, most of the restricted area trekking operates in camping as it lacks considerable tea houses or lodges. So, foreigners were allow in these restricted areas from 1991 after Government of Nepal made associated provisions.

Generally, the entry for foreigners in the restricted area is strictly control, by the immigration of Nepal. It is necessary to arrange the restricted areas trekking through government registered trekking agency. Basically, restricted area trekking permit is not issue for Individual trekkers, it necessitates minimum of two trekkers and need staffs for trekking in restricted area. Popular restricted trekking destinations of Nepal are Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Manaslu, Lower dolpo etc.

Blaze mountain adventure is a Government registered trekking and adventure company and organizes restricted area trekking trips in compliance with the rules and regulations set by concerned authorities. We hold expertise on adventure holidays; making us one of the premium adventure service providers in the country. So, consider us self-assuredly for restricted area trekking or any other adventure trips in Nepal. Feel free to contact Blaze mountain adventure  if you need more details on restricted area trekking in Nepal.

Restricted area trekking tours in Nepal

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