Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Above and beyond the natural wonders, the geological make up of Nepal boasts some majestic settings with rich hold for extreme adventure. Rock climbing, one of the profoundly admired extreme escapade, is in its gradual ascent of becoming hottest indoor and outdoor adventure stuff in Nepal. Literally, rock climbing is an activity which involves climbing up, down, and across the natural and artificial rock walls with the support of ropes and harness to hold up weight and provide balance. So, crawling up and across the awesome and hair-raising natural rock faces of Nepal can abundantly fulfill your adrenaline thirst.

In Nepal, the popular rock climbing spots includes Nagarjun, Hattiban, Kakani, Thame (close to Mt. Everest), Bimal Nagar, and possibly others that offers blissful opportunity to feel the hardcore rock climbing experience for both beginners and wall rats. To fascinate you more, these places offers rock climbing trip combined with bird watching.

Being an acute adventure stuff, the rock climbing demands strong physical fitness and mental control with abundance of strength, endurance, agility, and balance. So, the proper knowledge of climbing techniques and acquaintance to the use of specialized climbing equipments is must for a safe attempt. Blaze mountain adventure, a dedicated client-oriented service provider systematizes all the essentials for rock climbing to ensure a safe and blissful rock climbing experience with best and practiced guides made available. Contact us to enjoy the real taste of adventure in this wonderland and in any case of doubt.

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