Sister Organization

Blaze mountain adventure, as revealed earlier, holds heartily regards for ethical and social business conduct. With the same concentration, we have been operating a registered NGO company-Our Concern Nepal  as our sister organization. OCN is sorely dedicate and involve in various welfare programs basically in the field of health, education, and social awareness. As a routine, OCN has been arranging yearly health camp programs in various part of the country to avail unprivileged people with basic medical facilities.

In 2012, a girl named Nani Maya Tamang of Kokhana was successfully operate (cleft operation) under financial support of OCN. Besides these, OCN organizes various awareness programs destined to the marginalized and unprivileged people of different societies. It has been working for the welfare and empowerment of street children, disabled people, war affected people, and poor people. Various necessities like food, cloths, books etc are provide as our determination to assist these people.

We feel extremely delighted for involving in such social activities. Through this page we would also like to mention that our commitment and dedication to help the needy and marginalized people will get stronger in years to come. We will be actively and generously involved in such campaign and programs with more concentration and allegiance.

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