Tour in Nepal

Tour in Nepal

Rich in nature, culture, civilization, history, arts and architectures, Nepal is a home to people who have immense desire to explore the meaning of life. Housing some of the greatest Himalayan ranges, constituting different UNESCO heritage sites with historical and cultural importance and having an equal religious importance as the birthplace of Buddha, Nepal is an exotic place to spend your leisure time, bump into some adventurous acts and revive your spirit.

The simplicity, genuinity and warmth of Nepalese people blended with the glory and grandeur of cultural and natural diversity makes the tour to Nepal a ‘must do’ thing. The hospitality of the local people and the sensation of getting closer to nature and its creator will undoubtedly surpass the effort, time and money spent during this tour.

Blaze mountain adventure has designed various packages with varying time frame and budget. Customized trips to the religious monuments, safari ride to the national parks, visit to fascinating ethnic villages and roundabout in the wild and secluded Himalayan highlands can be arranged according to your requirements, needs and finances. Get yourself time and experience the pleasure ride in this wonderland.

Popular tour package Nepal

Temple tour                                  Sunrise tour
Family tour                                   Heritage tour
Home stay tour                           Hill station tour
Pokhara city tour                       Kathmandu city tour
Around Nepal tour                    Volunteer tour
Village tour                                   Honeymoon tour
Photography tours                    Western golden triangle tour
Muktinath tour                           Marriage tour
Bird watching tour                    Educational tour
Antu danda sunrise tour