Travel in Nepal

Travel in Nepal

Nepal is among the nation that is profoundly admired around the world for its astonishing natural and cultural delight. The natural grandeur and unbeatable scenic allures embedded in this small country is practically unmatchable in the world. For years, Nepal has been an idyllic destination for nature lovers and adventure fanatics. Generally, the rich nature, vibrant culture and civilization, glorious history, well preserved arts, and architectures of Nepal are worth unfolding.

The logistic make up of Nepal opens prospect for wide varieties of travel and tour packages. The mighty settlements of Himalayan peaks offers terrific adventure travels like trekking, hiking, peak climbing, expedition, rock climbing and others. The current of eternal rivers holds tremendous potential for experiencing the thrill of rafting. Other exotic adventure stuff that are best to try out includes biking, paragliding, ultra light aircraft, bungee jumping, zip flyer, jungle safari etc. The natural and cultural significance of myriad places of Nepal makes the tour a must do. The simplicity, genuinity, and warmth of Nepalese people and the sensation of getting close to pristine nature will undoubtedly beat the money, time, and effort spent during the travel.

Nepal is paradise for all the travelers around the world. However, it is accessible only through flight with one and only international air strip in Kathmandu and entry/exit points in the borders. The best time to travel Nepal is during the months of September to November and March to May. Trekking in Mountain, a premium travel service provider provides all kinds of travel and tour services in Nepal; including other personalized packages in India and Bhutan. To have a detailed understanding on Nepal travel tips and tour packages please go through our customized services and trips. So, Blaze mountain  assures you to offer a premium and quality travel experience with our cheerful, practiced and professional guides. Get yourself time, have a detailed chit-chat with us, and pack your bags to experience the exotic and pleasure ride in this wonderland.

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