Trekking Equipments Nepal

Trekking equipments are the most essential things that you require to have during trekking. Blaze Mountain Adventure wants to remind all of the trekkers to be prepared with necessary trekking equipments before departing for trekking. In case of any confusion, you can even get briefings from our guides or our office staffs. Blaze Mountain Adventure suggest you to bring all the equipments along with you, if it is inconvenient for you then we can make arrangements for shopping of necessary equipments. Blaze Mountain Adventure advises its clients to check the given list one by one before departure.

Clothing and foot wear:

1.    Down Jacket
2.    Insulated Pants
3.    Wind Pants
4.    Thermal Trouser
5.    Long-sleeved Woolen Shirt
6.    Short-sleeved Cotton T-shirts
7.    Regular Underwear
8.    Thermal Underwear
9.     Woolen Hat
10.   Sun and Rain Hat
11.   Gloves
12.   Gaiters
13.   Trekking Boots (Waterproof)
14.   Woolen Socks
15.   Cotton Socks
16.   Sandals

Trekking equipment and accessories:

1.    Sleeping bag +10°C to –10°C
2.    Rucksack and duffel bag
3.    Mattress
4.    Towel
5.    Water bottle
6.    Headlamp with spare batteries
7.    Water purifying tablets
8.    Pocket knife (kept in duffel bag)
9.    Wallet or money belt
10.  Toilet paper, soap, tooth paste/brush.
11.  Moisturizing lotion.
12.  Snow glasses and sunglasses.
13.  Spare pair of sunglasses.
14.  Sunscreen and lip guard
15.  Emergency contact numbers
16.  Personal first aid kit

Optional trekking accessories

1.    Binoculars
2.    Reading and writing materials
3.    Repair kit with needle, thread and safety pins
4.    Your favorite snack food like raisins or chocolates
5.    Protein supplements for vegetarians

Blaze Mountain Adventure suggests you to have the above listed equipments for tea house trekking and camping trekking in alpine weather of the Himalayan region. If you don’t have all kinds of required equipments you can hire the equipment or buy it in Nepali market at reasonable price. Another most important thing you need to know before you start trekking is to make sure that your luggage and trekking equipment comprise of minimal possible weight. Normally your bag should not exceed 33 pound or 15 kilograms, so avoid carrying unnecessary things during the trek. The personal equipment like water bottle, rain gear, camera, sunscreens and other personal stuffs can be carried by you yourself, while other baggage will be carried by our porter. If you need more information on this, feel free to give us a call or mail Blaze Mountain Adventure.

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