Trekking Grade Nepal

Trekking Grade Nepal

Nepal offers four different categories trekking grades like easy, moderate, strenuous and challenging or hard trail. We prefer you to choose your trekking category that best suits your physical capabilities along with time and financial backing while you book your trekking trip in Nepal. Blaze Mountain Adventure provides operates trekking of all four grades which are categorized after thorough assessment of crucial factors such climate, topographical complexity, altitude and environment of trekking region. The grade of trekking for each trekking trip can clearly be viewed in the trip highlights section in the upper-left side bar.

Easy trekking in Nepal

Easy grade trekking means low altitude trekking with only 4 to 5 hours slow paced walk per day and ascend only up to the height of 2700 meters above the sea level. Trekking trips under easy trekking grade are suitable for the all level of trekkers, and generally the trip concludes in 3 to 7 days. You don’t need any prior trekking or hiking experience to venture into easy grade trekking. Blaze Mountain Adventure can arrange easy trekking on camping, tea house or mixed basis as per your wish. If you want to more information about easy trekking or want to book a trek, you can call our office or send us a mail, Blaze Mountain Adventure  will provide as much information as we can.

Moderate trekking in Nepal

This Mpderate grade trekking specifies the packages that are harder than easy grade treks in Nepal. Moderate grade involves 5 to 7 hours walk per day and ascent ranging from 3000m to 5000m above sea level. As easy trekking, moderate trekking is also suitable for all level trekkers but prior experience is always an advantage. So, take out time for yourself, visit Nepal once and get amaze with moderate trekking along with natural views of the highest mountain of the world. If you want to more information about moderate trekking or want to book a trek, you can call our office or send us a mail, Blaze Mountain Adventure will provide as much information as we can.

Strenuous trekking in Nepal

Strenuous grade trekking are the trips on which you can expect to walk for 6 to 8 hours per day. The treks itself can be lengthy and hard through some rough landscape and may reach the altitude of 5500 meters. This grade of trekking is referred to those with reasonable experience of trekking. Physical homework to enhance your strength and stamina before trek will be a definite advantage. Strenuous trekking includes climbing of some steep slopes and technical sections, hence we also use ropes during this trip. Trekking at strenuous level will be of around three weeks duration or even longer. If you want more information about trekking grade please feel free contact Blaze Mountain Adventure.

Challenging trekking in Nepal

This Challenging grade Trekking requires you to be extremely fit and robust. Challenging trek generally includes sharp ascents and descents at altitudes over 4000m. Mental and physical preparation is vital and flexibility is crucial. It is very important that you have detailed idea regarding the trip before booking any challenging trekking trips. Challenging trekking is generally longer and harder than other. It is mandatory to have enough experience of trekking of strenuous grades before you embark on to challenging trekking trips. Blaze Mountain Adventure can organize challenging grade trek according to your requirements. Come to Nepal, Blaze Mountain Adventure will ensure that you have an incredible holiday time and fond memories. If you need any more information, feel free to contact Blaze Mountain Adventure.

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