Trekking Seasons in Nepal

Trekking Seasons in Nepal

Spring and Autumn are best seasons for trekking in Nepal, but Trekking, Hiking other tours are organize round the year. Though trekking will organize all around the year, the selection of trekking depends on its height and grade. Summer and winter are fantastic time for Trekking in lowland area whereas highland trekking with abundance of thrill can be best enjoyed during spring and autumn. Among all of the seasons, spring is the best and most famous season in Nepal. Blaze Mountain Adventure has divided the year into four different trekking seasons and each season has its own special features to lure the trekkers.

Trekking in Spring Season (March – May)

Spring season indicates blossoming flowers and clear weather, so this season is the perfect time for  mountain view in Nepal. People from different parts of the world choose spring time to visit Nepal and involve in activities like trekking, rafting, climbing and expedition. In spring season you can see different kinds of flowers mostly rhododendron, Nepal’s National flower. During spring you can experience the visual delight with amazing views of mountains and splendid landscapes. It is relatively easy to trek in this season and is suitable for average trekkers who want to venture into the high Himalayan valleys.

Trekking in autumn season (September – November)

Autumn season attributes fantastic weather and clear mountain view, so this season is best for Himalaya region trekking in Nepal. Autumn is the peak season for the visitors to visit Nepal. Marvelous mountains, amazing landscapes, beautiful sceneries and eight out of ten highest mountain ranges of the world can be enjoyed during this trek. Autumn season is time of grand celebration for Nepalese, Hindus celebrate major festivals like Dshain and Tihar (festival of light) in this season; you can be a part of this amazing gala.

Trekking in winter season (December – February)

Winter season in Nepal is renowned for sporadic snowfall at higher altitude and is perfect for trekking at lower elevation. Trekking can be done in Himalayan foothills of Nepal below 3000m while enjoying excellent views of Himalayan ranges. Winter season boasts cool weather and clear sky with occasional snowfalls at elevated lands. The morning and night time during the winter are cold but sunny daytime temperatures are mild. Trekkers can enjoy fantabulous trekking trips in the lowland during winter season.

Trekking in summer season (June – August)

Summer season is also known as the monsoon season in Nepal. The climate is scorching and the rainfall results in slimy trails. Trekking during summer season is possible if you are prepared to put up with the rain, leeches, slippery tracks and odd mountain sight. Rainfall is likely to occur almost every day with irregular thunderstorms in the evening. You can expect beautiful sunrises as mornings are generally clear. This season is mainly prefer by trekkers with purpose i.e. botanists and researchers.

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