Types of Trekking in Nepal

Types of Trekking in Nepal

Basically, ecological diversity and unique geographical formations has presented Nepal as a heaven for the trekking. Here we find many enthusiasts and nature lovers all over the globe. The highlands of Nepal offer various trekking trails with different grades therefore many people come to trek. It making an ultimate adventure trekking destination in the world. So, most of travelers visit Nepal for the spectacular view and photography of Himalaya range. Two types of trekking are famous between trekkers viz. camping and tea house trekking.

In tea house trek, meals and accommodations are provided at tea houses and lodges along the route. Accompanied by a guide who leads trek, you’ll have porters to carry your luggage and equipments. Tea house trekking is generally preferred by many trekkers. They are family trekkers, independent trekkers, women trekkers, charity trekkers and comfort seekers. We can enjoy Tea house trekking in famous trekking trails. They are mt Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga and Langtang. It is suitable for those who do not want to miss the pleasure of cozy room and delicacies.

Generally, camping trek is the one, where Blaze mountain adventure take all the required food and camping equipment with us. This type of trek is generally carried out in remote trekking trails. Deuring the trek we are set our own camps for accommodation and meal. Camping treks can also be organized in frequented trekking routes on your request. Trekking in mountain recommends camping trekking in some remote and pristine areas of Nepal. These place are like Dolpa, Dhaulagiri, Rolwaling, Makalu etc. Also there are expert guides, sherpas, cooks, kitchen helpers and porters.You will look the technical and logistical part of the trip. You can view the scenes of Himalayas and bask in nature and enjoying the delicious meal prepared by our cook.

♦ Trekking type in Nepal according to operation:

1. Camping trekking in Nepal.
2. Tea house trekking in Nepal.

♦ Trekking type in Nepal according to budget:

1. Budget trekking package in Nepal.
2. Standard trekking package in Nepal.
3. Standard plus trekking package in Nepal.
4. Luxurious trekking package  in Nepal.
(Note: Luxurious trekking packages are not available in Nepal. So, there is no availability of   any luxurious hotels in trekking trails.)

♦ Trekking type in Nepal according to holiday duration:

1. One week trekking.
2. Two weeks trekking.
3. Three weeks trekking.
4. Four weeks trekking.
5. More than four weeks trekking.

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