Where is Nepal ?

Nepal, the land of natural, cultural, and religious grandeur and delight, still remains concealed and unknown to most of the people around the world. The stuffs that hit the most people’s memory is that the world’s tallest peak, the Mt. Everest holds its ground in Nepal, the light of Asia, Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal. But, they embrace no idea about the exact positioning of this small yet beautiful nation with so much of wonders secreted in it. Literally, Nepal is South Asian nation sandwich between the two giants of world; China to the north and India encircling from east, west and south. Geographically, Nepal is a land locked nation celebrated as Himalayan kingdom of Southern Asia.

The topographical positioning of Nepal mirrors a roughly trapezoidal shape with dimension of about 800 km in length and 200 km in width and reads the extension between 26 degree and 30 degree N latitudes and 80 degree and 89 degree E longitudes. The geographical spread of Nepal covers an area of 147181 km2. It is divide into three physiographic belts: Mountain, Hill, and Terai. The mountain belt makes up the northern part of Nepal holding some of the highest elevations of the world including the mighty Mt. Everest. The hill region in embedded between the mountain and terai belts with subtropical valleys. The terai belt extends to make the southern part of Nepal with tropical low land valleys and plains.

Though small in geographical spread, Nepal boasts stunning natural and cultural grandeur and unbeatable scenic allures. Similarly it was profoundly admire by mountaineers, trekkers, travelers, explorers, and nature lovers around the world. For more queries and information on location of Nepal please feel easy to contact us. Blaze Mountain Adventure  would admire to assist you with genuine and generous answers.

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