As we believe in fair give and take relationship, the purpose to operate this travel agency (Blaze Mountain Travel) honestly extends beyond the tour and travel services. We deem that the success of business is attribute to the proper and evenhand relationship between the company and society. With the regards for this verity, we feel extremely responsible in contributing something for the welfare of people and society that are unfairly unprivilege and marginalize.

Since our establishment, Blaze mountain have been generously involved in social welfare program. And in many cases have initiated programs that are primarily destined to empower the people and community that are untouched by the welfare programs of government. Blaze mountain aim for cordial progress of business and society through fair and shared relationship. We contributing 2-3% of our annual income for the orphans, street children, disable people, and community schools. Our programs are also organize and support through different social organization . Blaze mountain adventure also hold active membership of Rotaract Club, Reader’s Club and some youth clubs in Pokhara. Moreover, we support the disabled children of Khokana, Lalitpur on a yearly basis.

Touring with Blaze mountain you will be involve in social welfare of these marginalize and underprivilege people and community. So, come with us and have the pleasure of travelling naturally and socially treasured packages.